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Aayo Sharabi Aadhi Raat DJ Rajasthani Folk Song

This Rajasthani Marwadi Song of the region play a important role in terms of public entertainment. Aayo sharabi aadhi raat video song is appreciated all ove the Rajasthan by such kind of music lovers who enjoy them a lot. In this song, a sharabi comes home late hours after drinking. This drunked husband asks her wife to feed. But his wife plays a cute role in the song.


So don’t wait, go for a click to play the video song of Nutan Gehlot. It’s original version of the song is here, which is a bit differ and much better. This Folk Rajasthani video is in Ful HD, you love to watch always.

Song: Aayo Sharabi Aadhi Raat
Singer: Nutan Gehlot & Indra Sharma
Lyrics: Traditional
Music: Indra Sharma
Album: Hits of Nutan Gehlot 2
Music Label: PRG Music & Films Studio
Category: Rajasthani DJ Songs

अन्य राजस्थानी गाने भी देखे :

Aayo Sharabi Aadhi Raat Song Lyrics

आयो शराबी आधी रात नशे मे डोले-2
गौरी देख्यो कोनी दारू को ठाठ मत बॅड बॅड बोले-2


कठे पड़ी हैं म्हारी दारू की बोत्तल-2
कठे पड़यो हे गिलास मत ना बॅड बॅड बोले-2

महला पड़ी हे थारी दारू की बोत्तल-2
महला पॅडयो रे गिलास नशे मे डाले-2

कठे पड़ी रे म्हारी रोटी बाटी-2
कठे पड़ी हैं म्हारी डाल यूँ ना बाद बाद बोले-2

रसोया पड़ी थारी रोटी बाटी-2
छिका मे पड़ी थारे दाल नशे मे डाले

कठे सूता हैं म्हारा टाबर टिंगर-2
कठे सूती ये घरनार मत ना बॅड बॅड बोले-2


आँगन मे सूता थारा टाबर टिंगर-2
आँगन मे सूती घरनार नशे मे डोले-2
Source: YouTube

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