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Bajuda Ri Loom Folk Song of Rajasthan

This is BAJUDA RI LOOM Rajasthani folk song track from the Ghoomar I album of Veena Music. This is a popular song of Rajasthan. It is a dance song of the region and Rajasthani girls and women love to perform on it in the wedding events. This song Bajuda Ri Loom has some great dancing beats for folk dance. And that’s why people enjoy the song very much.


There are some other similar songs in the album Ghoomar I, you love to watch. Folk musical instruments of Rajasthani, are so great when you listen to them in the song. Seema Mishra has been sung the song and enjoyed the folk tune in her singing. Now, it’s your time to enjoy this folk video song. You can also find the song lyrics here.

Song: Bajuda Ri Loom
Album: Ghoomar II
Music Label: Veena Music

अन्य राजस्थानी गाने भी देखे :

Bajuda Ri Loom Lyrics

Tute bajuda ri loom, lud ulajhi-ulajhi jaay -2
Koii pachrangi lehariyaro, pallo leheraay -2
Dhere chalo ji bayariya, hole halo ni bayariya
Jhalo sehayo nahi jaay, dhere chaloni bayariya
Jhalo sehayo nahi jaay (x2)


Lagi pyari phulwari, aato jhum-jhum jaay -2
Lyayi hori ro sandesho, ghar awohni sajan -2
Beri asuda ro haar, bikhar nahi jaay -2
Koi chawari ri chundadi mein saal pad jaay -2
Dhere chaloni –

Aayi birkha ri rut, jhume suryo pawan-2
Lyayi supana suhaag, baje hiwada ro taar-2
Mhari nathali ro moti, bikhar nahi jaay -2
Mhare pachrangi lehariya ro, palo leherayeh -2
Dhere Chaloni –
Source: YT

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