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Watch The Best Rajasthani Hindi Songs

Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance - Rajasthani Folk Dance You are here to find and view Rajasthani Hindi songs. We have collected best folk song in Hindi for all the Rajasthani music lovers. There is no doubt that Rajasthani folk songs are appreciated in the Rajasthan region, even all over the world. Traditional music videos are climbing the charts by getting popularity constantly. Nowadays, Rajasthani singers are standing out by their popular songs.

Enjoy Rajasthani folk music with videos:
Hindi Rajasthani songs are famous for their beautiful lyrics and music compositions with folk instruments. There are a lot of singers in Rajasthan, those use Hindi in their Marwadi songs lyrics. Let’s enjoy the folk songs of Rajasthan with videos here.

Ghoomar Rajasthani Song – A Big Hit!


Ghoomar Song” is a best folk composition of Rajasthan. This is known for its dancing beats. Girls and females appreciate this Hindi Marwadi song and love to dance on it in the social parties and Rajasthani weddings. It is the first choice of every Rajasthani girl to dance on it. Let’s watch it here:

Kesariya Balam Rajasthani Folk Song

Kesariya Balam is a Rajasthan’s anthem. Its composition is wonderful whereas the musical arrangement is marvelous. There are so many versions of the song. How the traditional instruments work, Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh is the best example of it. Let’s watch the song here:

Bagan Mein Jhulan Gai Re

Baga Mein Jhulan song is a latest groovy and heartthrob Rajasthani song of the year 2014. The best melodious and catchy composition of the time. This song made a great opening with a lot of appreciations from Rajasthani viewers. Its Bass Guitar and Kick-snare section gain the audience interest and get them on the dance floor. It is a chartbuster song of Rajasthan. It’s DJ Remix version is more famous and entertaining among the audience.

Piya Aao To

Piya Aao Toh is another melodious composition of Rajasthani traditional music. It is very simple and soft tune where a Rajasthani housewife waits for her husband and lost in his memories. This Hindi Rajasthani song is dedicated to a true love and emotional feelings of a Rajasthani lady. Seema Mishra’s vocal makes the song more impactful. This is also a famous Rajasthani Hindi song of Rajasthan. Enjoy the song here:

Chang Dheero Re


Album begins with Rajasthani folk instruments Chang and Flute. It’s a dancing number with full of joyful beats. The musical arrangement proves that it is a real traditional folk song of Rajasthan. This Rajasthani Hindi video is most popular for Falgun month. It is most playable at the time of Holi festival.

The list of Marwadi Hindi songs is a full of enjoyable and entertaining.