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Bheruji Bhajan Marwadi Bheru Manava Chalo Ye Gurjariyan

Bheru Manava Chala Ye Gurjariyan Marwadi Song. It is really awesome to watch this Bheru nath bhajan song online here along with your family.


Rajasthani Bhajan Songs are famous for their music arrangement and the use of Rajasthani Folk songs instruments. The same way, Bheru Nath Bhajan are loved by a great number of people in whole Rajasthan. Nowadays, people enjoy everything by dancing on the DJ Rajasthani Songs. If there is a song that is playing fantastically then the lovers of Rajasthani folk music start to enjoy the music by dancing. Here, we are going to introduce a new Bheruji Rajasthani song mp3 Bheru Manaba Chala Ye.

Song: Bheru Manaba Chala Re
Singer: Rani Rangili
Music Label: Shree Cassettes

Bheru Manava Chalo Ye, Marwadi bhajan is running successfully in the region and doing some good work to leave a musical impact on the audience of Rajasthan. This song has released in 2012 and continuously growing by Rajasthani Folk song lovers. This Bheru ji song was received a good attention by the audience.

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This Rajasthani Marwadi song is appreciated as well as Rajasthani Song Ringas Mein Bheru Tharo Devro. When a song gets an impressive popularity in the region, then that will do it for a long time. Nowadays, Rajasthani music is chasing movie songs in the popularity. This song is based on an old traditional Rajasthani composition and the beautiful lyrics of the song stands it out of the crowd.

Bheruji Marwadi Bhajan - bheru manava chalo ye gurjariyan mp3 download

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Here is the source. Bheru Ji songs are most entertaining in the Rajasthani music. We all love the taste of these bheru ji songs.

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