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Nakhralo Devariyo Marwadi Video Song with Song Lyrics

Here’s a great summary of what’s the best folk songs in the past and those songs you love to listen and watch, even in new era of folk music. It’s interesting to view Nakhralo Devariyo Marwadi video song and enjoy the song.


I remember first hearing that song in my 20s and that is the song, people loved the most! It is a song about Bhabhi and her Devar. There are some good spots you enjoy in the song as you are a Rajasthani. The song lyrics are written below!

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अन्य राजस्थानी गाने भी देखे :

Nakhralo Devariyo Rajasthani Folk Song Lyrics


Nakhralo devariyo, bhabhi par jadu kargo -2
Matwalo devariyo, bhabhi par jadu kargo -2

Rang rangilo chel chabilo devariyo h mharo -2
Meetho – Meetho gulkand lage, pyaro – pyaro
Kamana garo, devariyo, bhabhi par kamana kargo
Nakhralo devariyo

Chanda mein se chiryodu thare, lyauli bahu ranni -2
Thee ho mhara pyara devar, ba mhari dyorani
Jadugaro – devariyo, bhabhi ke chit chadgo
Nakhralo devariyo

Khub milegi Jodi thari, thee raja ba rani -2
Mhari bhi Jodi mileh jasi, dyorani jaithani -2
Selani – devariyo, bhabhi ke hiyeh basgo
Nakhralo devariyo marwadi video
Marwadi video Source: YT

This song was released in the early 90s. That time, there were a good collection of new rajasthani folk songs running in the region as the best marwadi video. Seema Mishra is one the singer who have done her job fantastically by singing a lot of great songs in Veena cassette.


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