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Shabash Mhara Murga Rajasthani DJ Song Rani Rangili

The rajasthani dj song Shabash Mhara Murga has been sung by the Rani Rangili. The most entertainig song ever in the previous time.


This song is from album Dil Kukdo Bolyo. This rajasthani folk songs is introduced by the Chetak Cassettes. Get the lyrics of this Rajasthani Folk Song below the fold. Let’s have fun with Murga & enjoy the song.

Song: Shabash Mhara Murga
Singer: Rani Rangili,Raju Punjabi
Album: Dil Kukdo Bolyo
Music Label: Chetak Cassettes
Track Genre: Rajasthani DJ Remix

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गुर्जर बोले आइ लव यू
ओलूड़ी आवे साजन री

Shabash Mhara Murga Rajasthani Song Lyrics

Sari raat bhar murgo bolyo
murgo lagawe taan
Mhara murga kukado re kukado
Shyabas mhara muga
kukado re kukado
Le beth -3- mhara murga,
kukado re kukado


Kandhe upar bethe bole kathe jaan,
mhara murga,-2 kukado re kukado
Shybas mhara murga –

Muhe bich aadi na nindra aagi na
nindra beth jaay,-2 kukado re kukado
Shyabas mhara murga –

Jhanga upar bole re lisi
kudaku upar hoyeh, -2 mhara murga
Kukado re –

Baay chas kanyu udee mali re
ike din niche aay, -2 mhara murga
Kukado re –

Dimko bajawe gaana mhane
rani thumako lagay, -2 mhara murga
Kukado re –
Source: YouTube


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