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Ghoomerdaar Lehango Rajasthani Folk Song

This folk song of Rajasthan is a based on a demand of a wife for a Ghoomerdaar Lehanga. It is a traditional and lovely way to request for something to her loved one. Such kind of things give the strength and accelerate the lives. It is also a part of social life. That’s why Rajsthani songs represent traditions and culture in a unique way as in this song.


Let’s enjoy this Ghoomerdaar Lehango in the voice of Anuradha Paudwal. She is an excellent singer plus she has sweet folk touch in her voice, you love to listen to her. It’s lyrics are so beautiful so enjoy them with the folk song.

Song: Ghoomerdaar Lehango
Singer: Anuradha Paudwal
Album: Lahariyo
Music Label: T-Series

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Rajasthani Song Lyrics

Vadila Leta Aayejo Ji, Ghumerdaar Lehango
Aalija Leta Aayejo Ji, Ghumerdaar Lanjo
Ghumer Daar Lanjo, Ghoomer Daar Lanjo – 2
Badila Leta Aaeejo Ji,
Aaeela Leta Aaeejo Ji, Ghumerdaar Lanjo
Ann Daata Leta Aaijo Ji, Ghumerdaar Lehango


Mhare Mathan Mein Mad Lyai Jyo
Aur Rakadi Ratan Jadai Jyo – 2
Vadila Leta Aayejo Ji…

Mhari Baiyan Chudalo Lyai Jyo,
Mhari Asali Ratan Jadai Jyo -2
Vadila Leta Aayejo Ji…

Mhare Paglya Ne Payal Lyai Jyo
Mhari Bichiya Ratan Jadai Jyo – 2
Vadila Leta Aayejo Ji

Thai Jaipur Sehar Jaijyo,
Jaipur Su Chunar Lyai Jyo -2
Vadila Leta Aayejo Ji,
Foke Songs Ghumerdaar Lehango
Source: YT

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