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Jal Jamana Ro Pani Kaiya Lyau Marwadi Folk Song

This folk Rajasthani song Jal Jamana Ro Pani Kaiya Lyau is a beautiful song. This song is released on Veena Music whereas the song is a popular song in whole Rajasthan. Here, you can watch the song in HD video.


Song: Jal Jamna Ro
Music Label: Veena Music

अन्य राजस्थानी गाने भी देखे :

Jal Jamna Ro Rajasthani Folk Song Lyrics

Jal Jamna ro pani kaiya, lyau oo rasiya, lyau oo rasiya
Patli kamar mhari, lul-lul jyay (x2)

Chotodi Nandal mhari pani koni lyave -2-
Woh ghara bethi jugati, lagawe oh rasiya, lagawe oh rasiya
Patli kamar -2


Sire par ghadlyo ghade par mataki -2
Toh mataki upar palso koni chale oh rasiya, chale oh rasiya
Patli kamar -2

Ucchi – ucchi paal ghado koni dube -2
Toh bich mein jau toh dar lage oh rasiya , lage oh rasiya
Patli kamar -2
Source: YouTube

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