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Peelo Odh Pomcho Odhyo Rajasthani Folk Song

Peelo odh pomcho odhyo is a Rajasthani folk number which relates to Mehandi Rasm of the region. It is a great song as this song is all about mehandi ceremony in Rajasthan after marriage. How the couple feels with the other members of the family. In this music video, a beautiful Rajasthani girl worked and looking so cute in Full Rajasthani dress. You will enjoy the song if you really understand the folk songs. Peelo Odh song is not like other rajasthani folk songs for dance. On this song, folk dance is performed soft steps.


It is a traditional folk song from which comes from Rajasthani roots. As other Marwari folk songs, it is a well written lyrics song as they are introduced below. So enjoy the song with song lyrics.

Song: Peelo odh pomcho odhyo
Singer: Priya Saxena, Sangeeta
Album: Peelo Pomcho
Music Lable: Alfa Music & Films
Source: Rajasthani Folk Song YouTube

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Peelo Odh Pomcho Odhyo Rajasthani Folk Songs Lyrics

Peelo odh pomcho odhyo


Taag-Taag chali jayeh rasoya -2
Sasu ji ne jayeh dikhayi ji ya mehendi -2
Bahu ye hath thara gehera-gehera rachya -2
Kinne sang beth mathai ji yaa mehendi -2
Dyoraniya – Jethaniya pisi ji yaa mehendi -2
Nandal beth chanayi ji ya mehendi -2-
Peelo odh

Taag-Taag mahanla jayeh pilang par -2-
Maru ji ne jayeh dikhayi ji ya mehendi -2
Lado yeh hath thara hatharja rachya -2
Kuna ji se beth mathai ji yaa mehendi -2
Pyari padosan mhare manthi ji yaa mehendi -2-
Devariyo toh dekh sarayi ji ya mehendi -2-
Mhara sajan ke maan bhayi ji yaa mehendi
Peelo odh

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