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Mor Bole Re Rajasthani Folk Song Video

This is a folk song of Rajasthan MOR BOLE RE. This folk video is so amazing and you love to watch. This song has been sung by Seema Mishra and Song released on Veena Music. In the song, a Rajasthani wife has a conversation with her husband and demands some cool things in a sweet way. This is the way, folk songs make Rajasthan’s traditions and culture. So enjoy this folk song video of Rajasthan. Find Mor Bole Re song lyrics below.


Song: Mor Bole Re Oh Mal Ji
Singer: Seema Mishra
Album: Ghoomar I
Music Label: Veena Music
Category: Rajasthani Folk

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Rajasthani Song Lyrics

Mor Bole Re, Oh Mal Ji
Aapure Bada Mein,
Oh Mal Ji Mor Bole Re
Bega Aajyo Re Oh Mal Ji,
Aapure Dharti Mein
Oh Mal Ji Bega Aajyo Re
Mor Bole Re

Kinne Ghadayo Re Oh Mal Ji
Sone Ro Mandaliyo Re
Mal Ji Kinne Ghadhayo Re
Thare Ghadayo Re,
Gajban Sone Ro Mandaliyo Re
Gajban Thare Ghadayo Re
Mor Bole Re


Ki Kar Nachu Re,
Oh Mal Ji Tutyode Aanganiye,
Oh Mal Ji Ki Kar Nachu Re
Kaach Bichadu Ye,
Gajban Tharode Karaniye Re,
Gajban Kaach Bichadu Ye
Mor Bole Re

Ki Kar Nachu Re,
Oh Mal Ji Fatyode Ghaghariye,
Oh Mal Ji Ki Kar Nachu Re
Ghaghro Muladyun Ye,
Gajban Jodhane Chohaditye,
Oh Gajban Chundadi Muladyun Ye
Mor Bole Re

Dhol Baje Re, Oh Mal Ji Aapure Bada Mein Oh Mal Ji Dhol Baje Re
Ghoomar Ghalu Re, Oh Mal Ji Dhol Re Dhamka Re, Oh Mal Ji Ghumar Ghalu Re
Mor Bole Re
Source: YouTube

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Hope you enjoyed this HD video song. Stay tuned for latest Rajasthani songs.