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Nakhrala Banna Bego Aaje Rajasthani Banna Banni Lokgeet

This is a folk Rajasthani banna banni geet. This song has been sung by Lakhsman Singh Rawat and released on Chetak Cassettes. You will enjoy this rajasthani video song of banna banni geet.


This is a beautiful song about some demands to the banna (husband) and asking him to come asap. Here, we have included the song lyrics of the song, you can enjoy them below.

Song: Nakhrala Banna Bego Aaje
Singer: Lakhsman Singh Rawat
Album: Gora Gala Ki Byan
Music Label: Chetak Cassettes
Category: Folk Song [Lokgeet]

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पटाखा फोड़े रे

Nakhrala Banna Bego Aaje Song Lyrics

Patalo lyaje re nakhrala banna bego aaje re
Banna bego aaje re, mhare kadalo lyaje


Thari nakhrali banadi ke banna rakhadi laje re
Banna bego aaje re mhare bego aaije re

Banni aavola maruti mein tauran ubi reejhe re
Tauran ubi reeje ye mala haath mein lyaje re

Bego aaije re nakhrala banna payal lyaje re
Payal bajani lyaje re choriya nachani lyaje re

Choriya nachani lyaje re, ghoomar ghalani lyaje re
Patalo lyaje re, nakhrala banna bego aaje re
Source: YouTube

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