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Pani Mein Lehare Bel Singhade Ki Rajasthani Hot Video

This Rajasthani lok geet video Pani mein leheren is so amazing to watch. Definitely, it will entertain you a lot. As its lyrics show, this marvadi song is so hot.


Raja biandi liyayo re words are giving some spicy feel to the song. Watch it for more entertainment.

अन्य राजस्थानी गाने भी देखे :

Marwari Songs Lyrics Bel Singhade Ki (hot)

Pani mein, lehere le rahi raja, bel singhade ki-4
Ki raja binadi liyaiyo re

Chahe photo mein jaad baiyo re raja, aab naa bachene ki -2
Pani mein lehere le rahi raja -2


Kajara mangwayi de chahe gajara mangwayi de -3
Ki balo ke bich sajade raja, aab naa bachane ki -2
Pani mein -2

Ki raja mehendi lyayo re -3
Lali se hotho rachiyo re raja, aab nab achene ki -2
Pani mein -2

Ki raja sejh sajaiyo re -3
Mohe apene sang suvaiyo re raja, aa naa bachane ki -2
Pani mien -2
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Rajasthani Songs are known for their folk touch. That’s why, you enjoy Rajasthani hot video song Pani mein leheren bel singhade ki. Share it with your friends, if you love the song.

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