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Folk Dance on Dhol Shehnai Rajasthani Folk Music

We are here with a real folk dance song of Rajasthan which show you how Rajasthani folk music sounds so beautiful and at the same time, how folk dances have been performed in a traditional way. I was amazed to listen to the song when I heard it very first time. It’s so beautiful.


New Rajasthani songs are different from this type of original folk Rajasthani song. This Dhol Shenai Per Nacho Ye song was released on Alfa Music. Rajan Sharma and Lali Gurjari have been sung the song with the folky touch. The song is in HD quality with the desi dance. Here, you can enjoy the video.

Song: Dhol Shenai Per Nacho Ye
Singer: Rajan Sharma & Lali Gurjari
Lyrics: Birbal Singh Shekhawat
Music: Traditional
Album: Kalyandhani Ke Chalo Ye
Music Label: Alfa Music & Films
Source: YouTube

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ओलूड़ी आवे साजन री
नाच म्हारी गणगौर

It is a Rajasthani bhajan for deity Kalyan Dhani. Here, people love to dance on such type of devotional songs and enjoy the folk tunes and beats of the song.


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