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The Best Rajasthani Dance Songs: All-time Hits

Rajasthani Dance Songs you love to dance onYou’re here, it means, you’re searching some good Rajasthani dance songs to rock on the dance floor. If you are going to perform in a special occasion then this is for you. Well, there are a good number of Rajasthani folk songs for dance but when it comes to the most popular songs then this list will help you to enjoy your performance with these best dance songs of the region.

Here, we have included the best dance songs for you, so go ahead and select what you love the most and dance for your own satisfaction. Straightforward, enjoy the songs.

  1. दो-दो टच मोबाईल राखे जानुडी
  2. नया नया नोट दे दे
  3. लव यू लव यू बोले ना
  4. काला चश्मा
  5. मोरिया
  6. बाड़ को सांटो मीठो लाग्यो
  7. जीन्स वाली ब्याण म्हारी
  8. काला धन वाला का पड्गा ढोल मंजीरा ठण्डा
  9. टावर पूरो आवे
  10. पीली लुगडी लांबो घूँघट
  11. ढोला थोड़ी थोड़ी दारूडी पिया करो
  12. जानु थारी याद में
  13. म्हारी सवा लाख री चुनरी
  14. बरस बरस म्हारा इन्द्र राजा
  15. गोरा गोरा गाल (चटक रंग)
  16. घणो सवारे मुर्गो बोल्यो
  17. ब्याण पतासो फोड़याई
  18. पप्पी की आवे याद
  19. सुण डीजे वाला छोरा
  20. इंटरनेट का चक्कर में

Rangeela Mhara Dholana


This has been one of the most fantastic songs of Shobha Mudgal. Her voice makes Rangilo Mharo Dholna song, the beautiful song of Rajasthan. What a folk tone of her voice.

If you really know some folk dance steps of Rajasthan, you can pick this one for your best performance. It is the most song which is performed in marriage parties for individual performances.


Without the Rajasthani Ghoomar Song for dance, we can not create a list of Rajasthani dance songs. So it is best choice to play your dance efforts on this folk song.

Laya Daak Babu Laya Re Sandheswa

Mehandi Rachan Lagi


This song have included because of majority of performers enjoy it for their dance in such special occasions. You love it too. Rajasthan is known for its folk music and dance, if you really love to dance on such songs, this is that song for your dance performance. Even it will inspire you to dance on it with your own folk dance steps.


The best song of Veena Music. It will help you to feel soul of Rajasthan. Let’s enjoy it.

DJ Pe Nachu Sari Raat

This is a DJ song choice if you want to dance on it. It’s up to you. People enjoy dancing on this number.

Mehandi Rachani

This is from the old Rajasthani folk music which belongs to Falgun month. It is a famous song of Rajasthan.

Mhara Hiwada Mein Nache Mor


Hiwada Mein Nache Mor song have taken from movie Hum Saath Saath Hain. This is beautiful song of Rajasthani language which has been sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy, Hariharan, Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Anuradha Paudwal. Check it out if you love this one.

Banna Re Baga Mein Jhula Ghalya

This list of Rajasthani dance songs includes the most popular song Banna Re Baga Mein Jhula which will give you to choose this one. It is a good pick if you know how to enjoy the Rajasthani folk songs with dance.

Nimbuda Nimbuda

A super hit song of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Best part of it, you enjoy your dance when you perform on it.

Kalyo Kood Padyo Mela Mein

It is a desi dance song of Rajasthan.

Dholi Tharo Dhol Baje

Check out this dance number of the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. This dance video could be a good choice.

Nache Gori Baje Re Rangeelo Chang Rasiya


Chirmi Rajasthani dance song are played at so many wedding events. Relatives and family members love to perform on this songs a lot.

Gori Ko Pallo Latke

We can not forget this song when it comes to marwadi dance songs. This could be a best bet for your dance.

There are so many occasions here in Rajasthan for having some fun and entertainment by performing the folk dance of Rajasthan. Mostly, these events were come, especially in the weddings season(Ladies Sangeet parties).

It’s time for entertainment. This Rajasthani folk dance song list would help you to pick the best one for you love to enjoy your dance performance. We have done our job perfectly to find and collect songs for dance. MARWADISONG.IN is the best resource for Rajasthani/Marwari/Marwadi Songs. Good luck!

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