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*Moruda* Rajasthani New Video Song

This is a latest Rajasthani DJ Song 2015. This is a bhajan song of Kalyan Dhani deity. When song starts, it looks so good. It is a new version of the famous song Moruda released on Alfa Music. You can enjoy Moruda original song here.


This is the DJ remix of the earlier version which has been sung folky touch. This song is released in Raji holo motyalo album. So enjoy the song here with the song lyrics.

Song: Moruda Re Moruda
Singer: Lali Gurjari
Lyrics: Prahlad
Album: Raji Holo Motyalo
Music Label: Alfa Music

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मोरुडा खाटू माही मीठो मीठो बोल्यो रे
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Rajasthani Songs Moruda Lyrics

Moruda Jaikaro Kayan Dhani Ko Bolyo Re -2
Moruda Sawan Mahine Meetho Meetho Bolyo Re -2
Moruda Jaikaro Kalyan Dhani Ko Bolyo Re -2


Moruda Yatra Diggi Ki Pedal Aagyo Re -2
Moruda Motyala Ko Mandir Pyaro Lagyo Re -2
Moruda Mandir Ki Munder Per Ja Bethyo Re -2

Moruda Dhol Re Nagada Jora Bajya Re -2
Moruda Motyala Ke Ghana Jatri Aagya Re -2
Moruda Darshan Kar Vardan Sara Mangya Re -2

Moruda Alfa Cassette Mela Mahi Chali Re -2
Moruda Cassette Mein Gave Gurjar Ki Lali Re -2
Moruda Ya Rachna Prahlad Rach Dali Re -2
Source: YouTube

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