Raji Holo Motyalo New Rajasthani Video DJ Song 2015

Recently, this Rajasthani video dj song Raji Holo Motyalo was released on Alfa Music & Films. This song has a new folk touch of Rajasthani music which gives it an appreciation as a Rajasthani DJ song. This 2015 Rajasthani song is a very good song for the regional audience which loves to listen and watch folk music videos in a new way.


Song: Raji Holo Motyalo
Album: Raji Holo Motyalo
Singer: Sohan Singh
Music Label: Alfa Music & Films
Source: This song

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There is a variety of folk songs which upgrade the form of the folk songs. This song is one of them, which tries to add some new things to make it unique for Rajasthani DJ sounds for 2015. This DJ dance song based on folk instruments and so much appealing for the viewers. This Rajasthani devotional song is dedicated to Diggi Kalyan Dhani Deity. Let’s enjoy this marwadi hd video song of 2015.

Raji Holo Motyalo Rajasthani Song Lyrics

Dhol ke dholika danko jor se lagao re
Raji holo Motyalo

Samander mein se nisaryo chha Vishnu ko avtari re
Kalyan Dhani Motyalo

Kalyug ko bhagwan Diggi dham ne pujayo re
Kalyan Dhani Motyalo

Sawan ka mahina mein Babo melo khoob bharave reKalyan Dhani Motyalo


Lakho aave jatrya ka dukhada mitave re
Kalyan Dhani Motyalo

Sohan Singh Alfa Cassette mein bhajan sunave re
Kalyan Dhani Motyalo

Prahlad Alfa Cassette mein bhajan banave re
Kalyan Dhani Motyalo

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